Creative Visions: Igniting the Spark of Creative Activism 3

Malnourishment, climate change, poverty, human rights, youth and education—shining light on these important issues to raise awareness and find solutions is the force behind Creative Visions, a Malibu nonprofit dedicated to igniting the spark of creative activism through media and the arts.

“Creative activists are people who use that creative spark not only for themselves, but for others,” says Kathy Eldon, who founded Creative Visions with daughter, Amy, in 1997 after her 22-year-old son Daniel was killed in Somalia while working as a Reuters photojournalist in 1993.

Transforming her son’s tragedy into a global movement to create positive social change through the arts and media, Kathy aims to inspire and empower creative activism worldwide by helping activists of all ages use art, dance, media, music, theatre and film to turn their creativity into a force for change.

Based on the belief in the power of storytellers and the power of people to respond, Creative Visions provides invaluable support to aspiring artists, by doing “whatever we can to amplify their voices, spread their messages and fuel their spark, the spark called creative activism,” says Kathy.

Creative Visions’ mission to inspire artists comprises several programs.

Creative Activists Program

Incubating some 250 projects in 35 countries, the Creative Activists Program supports creative activists who are “telling the stories that need to be told about problems that need to be solved.”

“We meet them where they are—from project development, all the way through to completion,” says Kathy. “We provide mentoring and support for fundraising, production and marketing. Creative Visions exists to support these dreamers and media makers.”

The various projects, including award-winning films, art and photo exhibitions which have impacted over 100 million people on six continents, drive positive impact by addressing issues such as human rights, the environment, arts and education, helping to raise awareness, change behaviors and influence policy.

Rock Your World

“Creative activism starts at any age,” says Kathy, noting Creative Visions’ human rights-based Rock Your World program has influenced more than 90,000 middle and high school students in 2,500 schools in at least 10 countries to think about solutions to important social and environmental issues. The program empowers students to use their voices and the power of media to become change makers in their communities and world.

Creative Visions Media

Creative Visions produces documentaries, features, narratives, promotional videos and digital content showcasing outstanding creative activists who are changing the world around them. Their feature film, “The Journey is the Destination,” based on the life and journals of Dan Eldon, premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival to a rapt audience of nearly 2,000 people.

Creative Activist Network (The Network)

Creative Visions includes a vibrant global collective of filmmakers, artists, mentors, educators, advisors, media distribution channels and professional service providers, along with dynamic local and worldwide organizations that use the arts, media and technology to empower creative activists of all ages to ignite positive social change.

In addition to their Malibu headquarters, Creative Visions network hubs are found in Atlanta and New York, with plans for expansion internationally. The hubs offer screenings, networking opportunities, consulting services and conversations featuring media and arts industry leaders to encourage compassion, community, creativity and collaboration.

Dan Eldon Legacy

The Dan Eldon Legacy is dedicated to honoring Dan’s life as an artist, activist and adventurer through educational programs, Dan-inspired merchandise, traveling exhibitions and the publication of his books and art. The film about Dan’s life, “The Journey is the Destination” is the cornerstone to igniting a global campaign encouraging people to believe in their own power to change the world around them by inspiring, empowering and nurturing individuals to take action on specific issues.

Create Change

With a network of creative minds, a production department and talented teachers and mentors, Creative Visions encourages and enables artists to get involved in their communities and world to create media for positive change.

“Use your talents, passions, networks, your resources together to create the world we all want to live in,” says Kathy. “As media becomes more accessible, there’s more opportunity for our voices to be heard; we believe there’s no better time than now to bring our talents and resources forward.”

To learn more about Creative Visions and view some of their many projects, visit or call 310.456.1109.