School Gardens Nurture Students’ Green Thumbs & Inspire Healthy Eating

Putting an educational spin on the farm to-table model, Marquez Charter School’s Edible Garden program offers a garden-to-classroom experience for Pacific Palisades elementary school students. The current edible garden has its roots in Marie Steckmest, a UCCE Master Gardener, whose mission within the “community (is) to encourage edible gardening (enhance school gardens) and especially encourage young gardeners,” as she writes…

Connecting Community: BIG Heart Ranch Sparks Healing Nature

“Live Big, Love Big” aptly describes the philosophy of BIG Heart Ranch in Malibu, where Co-founder and President Suzi Landolphi and a talented team of mostly volunteer facilitators lead evidence-based, progressive, inclusive and life-affirming experiences in nature with the help of a restorative herd of rescued farm animals.

Pepperdine Law Students Host Disaster Relief Clinic

In the wake of recent natural disasters in California, the Clinical Education Program at Pepperdine University School of Law launched the Disaster Relief Clinic, which provides pro bono legal services to those harmed by wildfires in Southern California in 2018.

A Big Thank You

When disasters like devastating wildfires strike in our community, an outpouring of support, relief and rescue efforts follows close behind. Such was the case during the recent wildfires that ravaged the local area last November. First responders from in and out of state, including sheriff’s offices, fire departments, police departments and paramedics, flooded in to ensure the safety and well-being…

Pacific Palisades Community Council Honors Volunteers

Since 1973, Pacific Palisades Community Council volunteers have donated their time to ensure the best interests of their community. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit provides a forum to discuss community issues and advocates to government and private agencies on those issues where there is broad community agreement.

Show Your Gratitude: 5 Ways to Give Back

November, the month of Thanksgiving, is the perfect time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives and share our thanks by giving back to others. Whether volunteering our time or donating funds, contributing to the well-being of another yields rewards beyond measure. Here, we offer a handful of ideas for giving back to the community.

Real Men Wear Pink Unite to Fight Breast Cancer

Pink is in the air this month, as scores of local men sport the color every day in October in support of breast cancer awareness month. Members of the Real Men Wear Pink of Los Angeles campaign for the American Cancer Society join thousands of men throughout the country who have stepped up to help raise funds and awareness in…

Malibu Kiwanis Club: Serving the Future of Our Youth

 Article Kateri Wozny  The Kiwanis Club in Malibu has a common goal: to give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive.  “I think it’s a noble mission—the kids are the future of our community,” says Nicholas Ficklin, president of the Malibu Kiwanis Club since January. “A lot of us live in Malibu and own businesses…

Malibu PTAs Support & Enhance Education

 Article Alicia Doyle | Photography Robin Chesler  The Malibu PTAs are a strong and tight-knit group of parent volunteers focused on enhancing students’ elementary school education and experiences.  “We raise monies needed to promote the support and growth of our respective schools and children,” explains Gabi Frank, PTA President at Point Dume Marine Science School. “Our fundraising provides extra programs,…

Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains & Seashore:  

 Article Sharon Levinsohn | Photography Timothy Kitz  Since 1997, local artists have gathered to enjoy creative expression, friendship and fellowship, share appreciation of the beautiful natural surroundings and support conservation, thanks to the late Malibu resident and artist Pat Ryan, founder of Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains & Seashore, Inc.    With the official mission "to promote appreciation…