Founded in 2005 by a retired Disney Imagineer, The Malibu Company offers handcrafted, sustainable products sourced from natural materials like bamboo, acacia, teak and mango woods. Their beautiful products offer natural antimicrobial properties that safeguard against bacteria and parasites, making them ideally suited for use with food. Living in harmony with nature, farmers harvest the materials from organic orchards in a…

Contour & Lose Fat with ZERONA® Cold Laser Treatment at Wagner Holistic Center

Wagner Holistic Center in Pacific Palisades offers the treatment “of a lifetime” for clients looking for high-quality health care. Dr. Edward Wagner and the team of highly trained chiropractors and specialized holistic care experts offer a wide range of therapies, including chiropractic care, energy balancing, nutrition and antiaging, hormone balancing and laser treatments for body and brain regeneration.

Teaching Students to Be Successful Test-Takers

Every year when testing season arrived, I watched several of our best students get mediocre scores or even worse on standardized tests. After working for over 30 years in school placement and admissions, I realized the correlation between test scores and academic ability was questionable.