Building Capital with Jeff Runyan at Runyan Capital Advisors

Runyan Capital Advisors’ Chief Executive Manager Jeff Runyan subscribes to two life mottos that serve him—and his clients—well in business.

Lifestyle by Design

 Article and Photography  Lifestyle by design: it’s what drives Design Equity, Inc., and its founder and CEO, Abe Roy.  “It’s universally applicable,” Abe says of the application of design thinking to today’s world of lifestyles of homes. “Design is ubiquitous. Patterns occurring in nature affect our lives in more ways than we realize.”

Compass’ Leading Ladies Guide Clients to Real Estate Success

 Article Tracy Marcynzsyn  Whether a beachside estate or mountain retreat, luxury real estate starts with Compass’ all-star agents. With the mission to help everyone find their place in the world, Compass pairs technology with local talent to guide clients through an intelligent, seamless search and sell experience.  Malibu’s team features top female realtors dedicated to real estate success.

Malibu Comfort:

From concept to completion, The Sofa Guy Design Studio offers personalized service along with contemporary designs for the home or office. Positioned on the Pacific Ocean, this multi-level Malibu estate underwent a complete transformation. In collaboration with the estate owners, Paul Trent (The Sofa Guy) carved a new house from within the old one, an undertaking that required the predetermination…